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The channel marketing team at 3M did a market assessment on various key verticals in Australia and New Zealand. 3M wanted to create a document that provides our and your field representatives guidance when approaching an end user within these segments. 3M hopes that you will find it useful in the field as your go-to document for key 3M products and applications within these markets.
The manufacturing industry consists of many sub-industries, inclusive of food & beverage manufacturing. Food & beverage manufacturing is the process of taking raw, inedible materials and using equipment and machinery to produce the products that we see on our supermarket shelves.

The Food & Beverage Playbook [DOWNLOAD PDF]

Products mentioned in this document:

3M 6535QL P2 Construction Respirator Kit

3M Comfort Grip Gloves

3M Safety Visor

3M 700A/R Box Sealing Machine

3M 371 Box Sealing Tape

3M 311 Box Sealing Tape