As you know, 3M discontinued the 3M Flat Fold Particulate Respirator 9542A, P2, with Nuisance Level* Organic Vapour Relief in 2020. The newly launched 9542V has retained all the best features and benefits of the 9542A. Additionally, it has the 3M Cool Flow valve to effectively remove heat and moisture build-up and provide a cooler and more comfortable wear. The 3M Cool Flow valve also removes exhaled air and minimises the risk of fogging up eyewear.

Some of the features and benefits found in the 9542V Respirator:

  • Robust Shell and Cup Design
    • Deep loading, cake resistant, flame retardant media
    • Conforms well to most face shapes and sizes
    • Resistant to collapse
  • 3M Cool Flow Valve
    • Effective removal of heat and moisture build-up provides a cooler and more comfortable wear
    • Removes exhaled air and minimises risk of misting eyewear
  • Activated Carbon layer
    • An additional activated carbon layer to filter out ozone and nuisance levels* of organic vapour
    • Nuisance levels are those levels below the Safe Work Australia Exposure Standards
  • 3M High Performance Filter Media
    • Effective filtration combined with low breathing resistance
    • Consistent high-quality performance

Certified to AS/NZ 1716 standard

The alternative respirators 9542V (new), 9923V, 8577 and 8247 listed below can be used in all applications that the 9542A was used for – provided a P2 rated respirator is required for that application. e.g. diesel particulate matter and unburned fuel vapour. If a respirator with GP1 rating is applicable, the 9913V is a suggested alternative.

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